Captain Kruug

Captain of the Exiled Horde in Griffon's Nest


A very strong barbarian with civilized hair cut. He usually wears his equipment around and has a lot of war marks around him. He talks with deep voice and short words. With a lot of trophies hanging around it is apparent that he is not used to losing in battles, although his growing belly shows that he seems to like the civilized life.


Huge Barbarian, who was head of Mercenary group Exiled Horde in Griffon’s Nest. He was suspected to kill a lot of people from merc group Vanguards. Fought with a two handed great axe and he was hiring a lot troop from the town when he was attacked by Vanguards in his Headquarters, lost his head officer Grahm who was a cleric of Tempus.

Eventually the adventurers broke his right arm(Wynn), stole his amulet that marked his allegiance to his former clan(Nimandril) and drew a huge V to his chest(J├╝rgen).

No clue about his mood right now.

Captain Kruug

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